Paunoch Birtok

The wines of champions

„Welcome to the website of Paunich birtok winery! I am Péter Paunoch football player agent, the founder and owner of the Paunoch Birtok winery. I founded my winery in Erdőbénye, in the heart of Tokaj region in 2018. The foundation of the winery was inspired not only by wine, but also by the love of football, which also appears in the names of our products. In the past few years, I learned that winemaking - like football too - requires extraordinary endurance, diligence, patience and humility. We believe that it is worthwhile to think in the long term and set noble goals: this is how winemaking is for us, with its moments that sometimes seem hopeless, but the end result makes up for all the difficulties every year.”

- Peter Paunoch, founder and owner

Based on the principles of Paunoch Birtok, we make our wines with as little intervention as possible: we do not use absorbable insecticides, we cultivate the grapes organically in a sustainable manner with yield restrictions, striving to reflect the characteristics of the given vintage and terroir. We use hand-harvested quality ingredients to make natural white wines that are aged in barrels and bottles, without rushing the sale - as most of our wines retain their intrinsic value for years to come.

Prominent vineyards

The raw material for our wines comes from the best-growing areas of Tokaj.


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Sustainable agriculture by preserving the values ​​of nature.

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